Grow Your Business Using QR Codes

Written by Daniel Ferrigon

August 4, 2022

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Using QR Codes for Digital Marketing and How They Can Grow Your Business


QR codes are a type of two-dimensional barcode that can be scanned with a camera on a smartphone or other device. The device will then decode the data and display it in a format that is appropriate for its operating system and installed applications. The QR code is made up of black and white squares that represent the data encoded by the QR code. They can store text, images, or both.

QR Code History

The history of QR codes is not very old. A QR code is an abbreviation for “quick response” that was coined by DENSO Wave. It was first used in the 1990s by Toyota. At that time, it was only used to track cars on the production line. Now the technology can be found on many types of product packaging, such as shampoo bottles and coffee cans.

Use of QR Codes Increased by The COVID Pandemic

The COVID pandemic of 2019 taught many people that QR codes can be used to save lives. It resulted in rapid growth in the use of these codes by medical professionals to quickly provide people with information on what to do in an emergency. Testing sites used QR codes for registration.

Restaurants used QR codes to share menus with patrons. The rise of digital wallets and mobile payment apps also led to a growth in the use of scanning QR codes. The number of QR codes has grown rapidly in recent years and is expected to continue growing until it overtakes barcodes.

But today, it has become a way for people to connect with each other and even buy products without having to go through a checkout process.

QR Codes and Barcodes Compared

QR Codes are a type of 2D barcode that can store more information than traditional 1D barcodes. They can be scanned by QR Code readers and decoded with the help of a mobile device.

Barcodes are linear, 1D codes that are scanned by barcode scanners. They are widely used in retail and distribution industries to identify products and track inventory. The sequence of lines either defines a set of numbers or letters.

How to Use QR Codes to Generate Leads & Sales on Your Website

QR codes are a powerful marketing tool that can be used for generating sales leads and increasing website traffic. QR codes offer many benefits including increased brand awareness, increased traffic, and providing a direct link to your website.

Some of the most popular methods include:

  • Placing QR codes on printed materials like business cards, flyers, brochures, etc.,
  • Printing QR codes on products or packaging
  • Putting QR codes in email signatures

How to Use QR Codes For In-Store Marketing & Advertising

Marketers can use QR codes in-store to connect to their customers. With this technology, they can provide instant and personalized experiences, as well as provide more information about their products.

They can also be found on billboards, posters, and other kinds of printed material.

The most common use cases for QR codes are:

  • Providing information about products and services;
  • Providing coupons or discounts;
  • Connecting to social media sites or other online resources.


There are various benefits of using QR codes in marketing. They can provide valuable information about a business or product, offer coupons, or allow people to download a mobile app. They provide a new way for consumers to experience your business. Consumers are becoming more familiar with using QR codes and are gaining popularity. It’s best to utilize them to help bolster marketing campaigns and improve user experience wherever possible.

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