Accessibility For Your Website

Written by Daniel Ferrigon

July 14, 2022

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This article will provide you with ways to create more functional websites with careful consideration for people with disabilities.

Why Websites Must Be Accessible

Accessibility is a key aspect of the user experience, and many businesses are still failing to provide a good one. The U.S. Department of Justice defines web accessibility as “a design principle that makes websites usable by people with disabilities.” Websites need to be accessible so that all users can enjoy them.

What is Accessibility and Why Is It Important?

Accessibility is the easy and effective use of technology by people with disabilities. It is more than a one-time measure, but rather an ongoing commitment with a focus on the user. Accessibility extends to all aspects of design, including content presentation, interaction, and navigation.

Users that are blind or vision impaired are unable to interact with content and navigate websites that are not developed with fallbacks and visual aids. Blind users are often excluded from interactive experiences and social media due to the lack of visually accessible content, design, and navigation. To find more information about accessibility for blind users, please visit

Website Design, Development, and Layout Tips to Make Your Site Accessible

Website accessibility is a very important aspect of web design. It ensures that all people with disabilities have equal access to your website. Here are some good practices for designing an accessible website.

– Make sure that the site is not just visually accessible but also has a navigable structure so that people who use screen readers can find their way around the site easily.

– Use keyboard shortcuts for navigation on your site, as it helps people with dexterity impairments to navigate the site.

– Provide alternative text for images and videos so that they are visible to those who cannot see them due to vision impairment or because they are in a noisy environment where audio cannot be used as an input mode.

– Provide transcripts or captions for audio content on your website so that it can be accessed by

Accessible Website Goes Beyond the Obvious

The World Wide Web is a very powerful tool. It has the ability to provide information, entertainment, and social connection. But for people with disabilities, it can be difficult to fully experience all these benefits.

In order for the web to be accessible to everyone, web designers need to make sure that their websites are designed in a way that is accessible from start to finish. One of the most important aspects of this is making sure that your website is coded correctly. This means reducing the amount of coding errors on your website and making sure there are no typos in your code.

Conclusion and Takeaways

It is important to know what the site is for and how it will be used. This will determine the type of content that needs to be created and how it should be laid out on the site.

A site accessibilities checklist ( can help you make sure that your website is in compliance with accessibility standards. It will also ensure that your website meets the requirements for people with disabilities, such as color contrast, size of text, and more.

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