Restaurant Web Design

Websites Tailored for Restaurants and Cafes

Websites for Restaurants

Restaurant websites should be approached from a different standard than your average website. It involves well founded research of the local demographics. Most restaurant website visitors are going to be people in the local area of your establishment. This limits your target audience to the surrounding Sarasota – Bradenton area and how visitors are driven to your restaurant’s website will be more direct.

There are a few items every restaurant website should include:

  • Hours of Operation
  • Location
  • Catering Information
  • Menu
  • Lots of pictures of your delicious food
  • Phone Number

I will evaluate your competing restaurant’s websites. Also review the tactics they are using to see how we can collectively trump their efforts and drive more traffic to your website in turn to your doors.

The use of mobile websites are becoming an essential for restaurants to garner new customers that may be looking for a place to dine. Your restaurant’s website should be light, user friendly and include all the essential items that will drive new customers to your establishment.

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