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Email Marketing is effective at building your brand and revenue

Email marketing is the best way to keep in touch with your customers. Email marketing can be used to promoted new products, follow-up with customers, and distribute information about your company via email newsletters.

Compared to direct mail which is often viewed as “junk mail” email marketing is much more affordable and effective. Proper use of call to action requests can turn a lead into a sale.

Email marketing is good for the environment and your business. It provides an excellent return on investment almost immediately.  The savings received from postage, stationary, and envelopes are the immediate savings factors. The additional benefits that come with email marketing is the ability to track your messages and see who opens your messages and how many messages were read. Also the emails can ask its recipient to make an action whether it is to follow your company on a social media site or purchase a new product.
Email Marketing Stats
91% of consumers use email at least once daily. As a result of those emails that they have received 66% of those consumers have made a purchase. The return on investment is highest for email marketing in comparison with paid search ads and banner ads.

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