KISS: This is an acronym for keep it simple stupid.

You have probably heard this phrase before. Whether it be in English or art class. This principle is best applied in marketing. In digital marketing you have a very limited amount of time to connect with your audience. Hence the importance of writing concise copy.

This can be prospective customer scrolling their Instagram feed. Even when a visitor lands on your website, the work is not done often times you have just 5 seconds to compel that visitor on why they should buy your goods or use your services.

When writing copy it’s always best to keep it simple. The worst mistake you could do speak over the heads of your audience. After all you want them to understand your message and convert them into a customer. Always avoid using acronyms unless you’ve clearly defined them previously, and even then minimize the use of them.

Understanding Search

Personalization is important when targeting user using voice search. Users are not searching using $10 Harvard level queries. I always suggest writing at an 8th grade reading level.
Doing so ensures that you reach your maximum audience. Clearly craft your messaging so that way it is clear and concise and straight to the point.

Time Out

I find that writers often use a lot of fluff and provide unnecessary information. Using an outline and carefully planning the purpose and the goal of your writing makes sure that you stay on message. So not only should you Keep It Simple Stupid, Keep It Short and Sweet. If you can say it with 5 words, don’t say it with 10 words.

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