What is Search Engine Optimization?

Written by Daniel Ferrigon

September 10, 2013

What is SEO & Why is it Important?

Recently I was asked what is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I explained it’s basically organizing your website to cater to your customers so you can be found in search engines such as Google.

Search Engine Optimization

When a potential customer is looking to find your business they will most likely use a search engine such as Google or Yahoo. They are either going to type in a business name, a phrase, or a combination to include a city name perhaps. For example: “Sarasota Lawyer” might be a term they type in the search bar. Then on the search results page they scan the first page then the second if they haven’t found what they’re looking for on yahoo or google’s first page.

With Search Engine Optimization our main goal is to get your page listed on the first page of the search results. Unfortunately this is not an easy task or a task that can be completed overnight. Any professional that promises overnight success is not being truthful. One way for you to obtain an instant leg up on the competition is through Pay-Per-Click campaigns, which you’d pay the search engine for good exposure.

If you need help assistance with Search Engine Optimization for you company feel free to contact me. I also offer free consultation to any potential clients.

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