Using Google Analytics to Drive Website Traffic

Using Google Analytics to Drive Website Traffic

Google Analytics Is Extremely Effective To Drive Traffic To A Website

Google Analytics

The most popular application for web analytics in the world is Google Analytics. Most webmasters are unaware of the full potential of the application. It is also being used incorrectly by most e-commerce retailers. Google Analytics has the capability of fine-tuning marketing campaigns, online marketing, traffic strategies and SEO structure.

Increasing Organic Traffic

One of the main purposes of tracking analytics is to attract additional traffic. This can be accomplished by using Google Analytics to monitor landing page reports and track search queries. To accomplish this the Google Webmaster Tools account must be integrated with the Google Analytics account. The Google Analytics SEO report is used to see clicks, impressions and the ranking of the website. Meta descriptions should be roughly 156 characters and titles 55 characters long.

The Keyword Report

This report is accessible through Traffic Sources. The keyword report shows the keywords bringing the highest amount of traffic to the site. They can be used as alternate image tags, image titles, website titles, descriptions, anchor texts for links and the page title. The keyword report can provide blog post ideas for your website.

The Referrals Report

A website has three categories. These are direct traffic, referral traffic and organic search. Traffic to niche forums and communities can be maximized by responding to discussion threads. Create value and share relevant content. A relationship should be built with any blog sending traffic. The blog should be linked to the content and posts commented on. The social media network sending the most traffic should be identified. Posting frequency should be increased and successful posts replicated. The conversion rate for any referral traffic can be improved with customized messages or specific landing pages.

The Content Overview Report

People visit blogs and websites for the content. The content responsible for the most traffic must be identified. The best way is with the Content Overview Report. Look at the posts bringing in the most traffic and conversions. Identify areas needing improvement. Create new blog content for the most popular content. This helps increase the average time spent on the site and reader engagement.

The User Flow Report

This helps convert leads into actual subscribers. Narrow the report by device, location, source, traffic, etc. Analyze the landing to conversion rate and average drop off point. Identify the weak links in the funnel. A/B tests based on this feedback will address the objections of the users.

Optimizing the Mobile Experience

Smartphone and mobile traffic is consistently increasing. The Mobile Report shows the sites mobile experience. Focus on time on site and bounce rate. A high bounce rate requires an adjustment to content and design. Ensure the website design is responsive and adjusts to the user’s device. Find the point users are dropping off and find solutions with A/B testing.

The Audience Reports

An e-commerce store selling products can boost the site’s conversions with a personalized user experience. Create personalized experiences and messages to highlight preferred services and products for the users. Nearly sixty percent of individuals using e-commerce for shopping prefer customized stores. Online marketing is more effective with personalization.

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