How to Turn Customers into Powerful Brand Advocates

Written by Daniel Ferrigon

August 10, 2017

Brand Advocates

How to Turn Customers into Powerful Brand Advocates Using Social Media

Greatly satisfied customers are the top secret weapon for companies, whether they are manufacturers, retailers or in the service field of industry.  Work on your customer service because once you do it all right, these customers can turn into powerful brand advocates will make excellent quality user-generated content for you in various ways, for free.

Initially, brand advocates are a diverse range of customers. They firmly believe in the service or product you offer and go beyond the extra mile just to make others believe in it as well.  Ultimately, the brand advocates that you have are people who represent your organization’s mission.  They can be family members, friends, customers, employees, or celebrities. These people are invested in becoming a significant part of your brand culture, which mean they like to feel connected to the values of your company, they liked to feel understood and they like to feel motivated to further contribute to your brand story.
Trust in Advertising, Nielsen
According to a 2011 Nielsen survey, about 92% of customers believe in brand advocates. Additionally, research reveals advocates are fifty percent more possible to create content which impacts a purchase. They are the winners when it comes to word of mouth marketing and they usually employ social media as their platform to affect an audience, be aware of your brand and finally, to boost sales. If you are a smart company, sure thing that you are now thinking of how to turn your customers into powerful brand advocates. One tip to start and do this effectively is to use the power of social media.

For more tips, read on below:

  1. Seek for your advocates.  The first thing that you have to do is to find your advocates.  You can simply identify them through asking them the ultimate question about customer loyalty.  One a scale of zero to ten, ask your customers this, “How likely are you to suggest us to your colleagues and friends?” Customers who reply nine or ten are considered advocates. This question can be asked across social channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, online communities, digital channels such as your email, corporate blogs, and website.
  2. Share your core values. Make sure that your brand values are vividly illustrated to your customers.  Your voice must represent you the culture you desire to express. It must motivate your prospects to make them feel an emotional connection alongside your brand. Utilize your company blog in order to strengthen your culture and provide advocates the chance to engage through sharing posts and comments over social media.
  3. Render excellent customer service. Your customers keep in mind how you make them feel. Reinforce customer representatives and supply them the tools they require to indeed amaze people whom they interact with on a day-to-day basis. Exploit your ability to go over and beyond in ensuring a maximum customer experience on social media. This way, you have the chance to develop relationships with faithful customers and hopefully, you can as well transform negative experiences into affirmative ones.  Be open to customer feedback and show them that you are listening by making enhancements to your offerings to outfit their needs.

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