Online Marketing’s statistics can be very helpful for marketers. This allows them to analyze both new and proven marketing methods.

  1. Business 2 Community, found that when using organic SEO techniques along with a PPC campaign, businesses received 25% more clicks and 27% more profit versus just using one or the other.
  2. Long-tail keywords are most effective, as half of all search queries contain four or more words.

Online Marketing Facts
When it comes to Online Marketing, we are conducting our activities in a data-oriented environment, and without a correct way to source such data, we are doomed as marketers. This is because we are back asking ‘what’s the ROI?’

Thankfully, the new age of marketing (Digital Marketing) is primarily driven by consumer data. We can take example an e-commerce; they can easily measure their ROI because the entire customer journey takes place online be it research on the product and even the actual purchase.

Besides knowing that it’s getting ‘all data,’ we should also know that,

Combining SEO techniques and PPC campaigns yield better results

When we tailor our digital marketing strategies and campaigns to include both SEO and PPC, two things happen; first we are maximizing the conversion opportunities with whatever traffic we generate, and secondly, we are positioning our list for the best results.

A study published on Business2Community showed that there is 25 percent increase in clicks and 27 percent rise in profits when we incorporate both PPC and SEO techniques as compared to using it singly.

We get more exposure on the search engine results pages (SERPs) and combining keyword data.

Position on Google list matters

Those keywords we rank number one in Google, earn us 33 percent of clicks. The second, third and fourth position get all of 63 percent, and the rest gets 4 percent as reported by Business2Community.

As much as we are after getting to position one, we should also stop and realize the impact of our current position.

Why long-tail keywords are the best

A recent study published by Wordstream showed that most of the search terms had four words or even more. Meaning that long-tail keywords could be a spectral band we’ve been waiting for in Online Marketing. Such keywords are getting popular and have less competition and as a result, lower costs.

Local SEO is must-have

Encouragingly, 72 percent of people, who found a business through the local search within five miles near, shopped regularly in that store, study by Wordstream. We should claim our Google My Business page by submitting name, phone number, and address.

Navigation and speed matter

67 percent of traffic using mobile devices will leave a site if its navigation is poor. Shockingly, whole 72 percent of them will exit if the site loads slower (search engine watch).


Search conversion is 15 percent higher on mobile as compared to desktop. Desktops searches though, perform 10 percent better than social traffic (freely).

Americans are getting ‘social.’

Social Networking users in America have increased to 28 percent from 27 percent (Global Web Index).

More than have of Americans use social media

70 percent of U.S. residents are using at least one social network and, more than 50 percent using two or even more (Via Statista).

Use social to target Millennials

Whole 90 percent of Millennials are already using social networking sites. 35 percent of those above 65 years are using it also (Pew Research Center).

We should invest in blogging

Businesses that are already taking advantage of blogging have 434 percent more indexed pages than those who don’t (Search Engine Land).


To succeed in Online Marketing, we should be aware of what’s working and what is not. Data matters.

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