How to Succeed Socially

What Social Networks to join?

Simple answer, All of them. I suggest using Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus Tumblr, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Most of the companies that utilize social media have at the minimum a Facebook page. Most Fortune 500 companies use the big three: Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. I recommend using as many as you can effectively use.

How can to manage all these different social Networking accounts:

Using a service such as HootSuite or any other social networking management service can leverage the amount of time you spend on each individual site. Also setting aside a block of time dedicated solely to social media should be incorporated in one’s schedule.

How to properly use social media networks?

The key to succeeding socially is to be social. Share, re-tweet, Like, Plus, Pin. Don’t fall into the trap that many social media marketers fall into they build a social media presence but only go on to post links to their website or share pictures about their products. Give your followers a reason to remain a follower. Keep them engaged using call to action messages that drive actionable events such as looking at your new product, or making a purchase. Post pictures that your customers may be inclined to share. Don’t be all business and no fun. Most consumers go on Social media sites for entertainment. So break the ice with a joke or funny picture. You’ll have plenty of time to show off your new products. For example if you sell BBQ sauce share a recipe with your followers.

The main thing I want you to take away from this is to, be active on Social Media.

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