Instagram is a mobile application that enables user to share pictures or videos. Currently owned by Facebook and has a whopping 150 million users and counting. Over 40 million pictures are posted on Instagram daily. With that being said Instagram is an active social media community that businesses should take advantage of.

Businesses that can reach out to consumers through visual appeal should consider Instagram for their business. Examples of businesses that could benefit from Instagram are jewelry stores, restaurants,car sales or clothing stores just to name a few.

Instgram allows you to enhance your brand message through social media. The new inclusion of Instagram Ads allows businesses to reach out to users with a 15 second video or a photo.

Users are able to tag your location in pictures they upload. For example if you operate a restaurant a user can tag a photo they take with your location. Tagging a photo to your location can assist you in driving potential customers to your business.

If you would like assistance implementing an Instagram campaign for your business feel free to email or call me at: 941-564-7948.

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