Holiday SEO: Plan Ahead to Win Big

First thing our recipe for SEO success is calling for is good ole’ paper and pencil. Planning is essential to starting a SEO campaign. Many of the bigger retail companies plan years ahead on how they are going to shape their online marketing campaigns based on seasons and holidays. The type of business you are in will dictate how you approach your seasonal SEO strategy. As a retailer you know the importance of having your marketing and promotional calendar planned months in advance. This is also true in regards to your Holiday SEO.

Social Media

Social Media has intimidated some from properly embracing it. Most often the reason seems to be, “I don’t know what to post about”. The great thing about Holidays and days of importance, there are plenty! Use these days to brainstorm ideas for blog topics or your “tweets”. For Example:”With Easter only 3 days away, Best Company invites you to our largest Easter Sale!”

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