The Power of Diversity in Marketing

Written by Daniel Ferrigon

January 15, 2018

Diversity in Marketing

The Power of Diversity in Marketing

Diversity is a word that should inspire celebration, and more people are understanding its power as the world progresses. Therefore, incorporating diverse individuals into your marketing campaign has the power to draw in more customers, thereby elevating the success of your business.

Displaying Reality

When you fail to incorporate diversity into your online advertising, your marketing efforts seem inauthentic. Whether you’re developing advertising materials for social media or television, people want to see themselves reflected in the campaign. Many couples and families are diverse, whether in terms of race, culture, religion or other factors. By displaying characters who are diverse, you’re creating a greater chance that your audience members can feel a connection.

Widening the Audience

Since a sense of identification plays a significant role in online advertising, you want to address as many people as possible. L’Oréal Paris says, its increased focus on diversity has pushed sales and led people to reappraise the brand. When you portray a narrow definition of humanity in your advertisements, you then lose out on the opportunity to communicate with other demographics. By incorporating people of many different backgrounds into your campaigns, you can better your chances of turning these groups into target audience members.

Speaking to Ethics

For many people, the question of incorporating diversity into promotional campaigns is an ethical and moral issue. When they see advertisements on social media or on televised commercials that fail to incorporate diverse people, these viewers may begin to form a negative view of the company. Incorporating diverse characters into your marketing campaign can show audience members that you are concerned with important issues and global matters. People can begin to think of your company as an ethical one.

Demonstrating Your Company Values

Incorporating diverse individuals into your advertising campaigns also shows that you care about this topic. People often want to purchase products from companies that have beliefs aligning with their own. This approach to advertising allows you to build a deeper level of trust with individuals who care about seeing inclusive commercials and advertisements.

Competing in the Modern Marketplace

Even if you aren’t currently focusing on using diverse characters in your commercials, chances are that at least some of your competitors have started to. Therefore, failing to take this approach could mean that potential buyers move on to other companies. A major part of staying ahead of the competition is addressing the needs of the consumers. In the modern world, people don’t want to see commercials filled with individuals who all look alike.
The modern world is filled with households and families that are diverse. Building a connection with potential consumers requires many components, including finding common ground. As a result, you have the opportunity to better connect with people by showing that your business is one that cares about this diverse world.

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