Universal Analytics – Make That Extra Move!

What is Universal Analytics?

“Universal Analytics is a set of technological innovations that improves the way data is collected and processed in Google Analytics.”

It is the decoding ring that follows the clues to the buried treasure in your company’s data. It translate all different devices and channels in a single language that you can understand.

The Evolution of Google Analytics

Google Universal Analytics

Why haven’t you upgraded yet?

  • Most are unsure of the benefits?
  • Comfortable with Google Analytics?
  • Technical updates are intimidating?

Universal Analytics Benefits

  • Universal Analytics enables you to break down walls between screens, points and channels. It connects the dots between interactions on your site and gives you the ability to view customers and visitors at a granular level.
  • It’s the missing link that tells you the number of times an item was added to a shopping cart on your eCommerce website.
  • Lessen reporting and analysis time
  • Offers in depth insights on internal promotions such as content spots and banners. Ex. Number of customers that interact with your banners.
  • Cross Domain Tracking – tracking visitors across URLs. With Google Analytics, this would need to be done manually. Universal Analytics takes away the human component.
  • Some account configurations are moved to the admin settings, but with Google Analytics code snippets must to be used.
  • Tracking across devices and environments. Universal Analytics ties desktop, tablet and mobile from a single customer or visitor using a Universal ID.
  • Universal Analytics is a syntax change.


Google Universal Analytics Usage Statistics

How To Upgrade In 3 Simple Steps

  1. Check your upgrade status
  2. Update your property settings
  3. Update your page code

For more information on Google’s Universal Analytics visit: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/2790010?hl=en.

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