Maximizing local search this holiday season

Written by Daniel Ferrigon

December 30, 2015

Local Search

Holidays are retailers most important time of the year. With sales forecasts predicting higher sales this, 2015 holiday season we will discuss how to maximize the local search this holiday season. Before you dump all your money into google adwords or facebook ads, consult with a professional online marketer first. It’s great to get traffic from a PPC campaign. However it is more important to convert your traffic into customers.

How is it done?

Great user experience and a professionally designed web site that caters to the end-user will ensure that your website’s visitors stay on your site longer and keeps them engaged to view more of your content and products.

Some methods to improve user experience are:

  • Optimize website for both desktop and mobile browsing
  • Company name or logo and click to call phone number on every page.
  • Driving directions and map
  • SSL certificate
  • Hours of operation and coupons
  • Design elements topography and color scheme

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