Internal Linking Best Practices for SEO

Internal Links For SEO

Is Internal Linking Really That Important For SEO and Page Rank?

Short answer: yes, it is important. The long answer takes more of a look at the comprehensive background of links and SEO.

How Does Internal Linking Work?

You have a page of content. Your page of content contains links to other pages for your website. Your goal is to have the right number of links in the content. They all have to point to the right page. Your links also need to have the right amount of keywords to create the right of optimization.

How does this differ from inbound links from external pages? The difference is your links all come from the same domain, just different pages. You do not have to go through a new authority because you are the authority.

What Are the Benefits For Google Ranking and Page Rank?

  1. The anchor text for an external page and link will play the same role for you and your internal page and link. You link a specific keyword in your content to one of your internal pages. This keyword will show the significance of your page. This will place that particular page higher in the Google ranking.
  2. You will be creating a relationship with all your pages. Each page will be linked to some other page you created. Each keyword will show a relationship and value to that page. The information will be directly and indirectly connected to one another.
  3. You will have something called authority re-distribution. You have blog post A containing a great number of inbound links, all of which have high authority. Your blog post B has little to no authority on its side. You can link post B to post A and Post B will get the boost it needs. Your authority on both blog posts will balance each other out.
  4. You have a customer who is reading something you have written. Most customers will leave the site once they are done. Your customer will click on another post you are writing and stay for a longer period of time. This is what we call visitor retention. You will have more time to build customer loyalty and sell your brand. You are creating a call-to-action without pressuring your readers to take action. You are allowing them to do it on their own time. You will get more readership this way.

What Calls-To-Action Do You Need To Take Notice Of To Better Your Strategy?

  1. You need to figure out which pages you want to rank higher than the others. Spend some time targeting these pages and linking them.
  2. You do not want to overstuff your words. Your keywords play a big role in your content and ranking
  3. Placement of your keywords is important. Keywords that are placed in the beginning serve the creator more appropriately than do words at the end.

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