Boost SEO with User Generated Content

Improving SEO with User Generated Content

Search engines continue to play a vital role in the sales cycle. For more than 33% of all shoppers, their customer experience begins with an online search. Therefore, companies that develop effective SEO strategies are the ones that get found online and close sales.

Of course, digital marketing involves more than search engines. After all, It encompasses everything from display advertising to social media and beyond. Still, no marketing plan is complete if we do not support it with strategies that get websites and pages noticed by search users.

User-generated content has become recognized as a fantastic way to provide the fresh, valuable content that search engines respect. Additionally, we can increase customer engagement by encouraging customers to share their thoughts, experiences, and expertise.

We encourage you to use the following tips to use content from your users to enhance your SEO strategy.

Employ Social Media

Many people begin every online experience by visiting one of the top social networks. With millions of daily users, these sites provide an outstanding platform for reaching targeted audiences. Additionally, search engines pay close attention to numerous social signals while determining page rank.

So, encourage your followers to share their experiences with your brand and products on their timeline and on your profile. Doing so will give you steady infusions of fresh content and provide good reasons for search engines to rank your pages higher than your competitors.

Use images

As you get your users involved in generating content, don’t forget to have them upload images. These might include photos of people dining at your restaurant, shopping at your store, meeting your employees, or using your products.

We assure you, by including images, both your social media and website content will become more interesting and engaging to your audience. Also, since search engines value visual content, user-supplied images can help you get found online.

Encourage Comments

Starting conversations are the best way to get user generated content. If you have a blog, ask your readers for feedback. They will often provide you ideas for content that you weren’t thinking of.

Add Snippets

The standards published at tell you how to format your content in ways that help search engines access and analyze your content. Such “rich snippets” give you a perfect way to present user-generated content to search-engine users.

Google Rich Snippet Example
Google Rich Snippet example, showing reviews

For example, using rich snippets, you can display previews that include page and product ratings directly in search-engine results pages. We recommend using rich snippets because they are proven to boost click-through rates by almost a third.

As you integrate user-generated strategy for SEO, look for other ways you can incorporate it into your overall digital marketing strategy. You can also contact us to learn how we can help you build a solid online presence for your brands.

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