How to Effectively Create a Social Buzz around Your Company

Written by Daniel Ferrigon

May 8, 2015

Social Buzz

It is not surprising that you see numerous businesses doing the worst sort of mistakes in regard their social media marketing every day. Among these mistakes are no consistency, no strategy, negligence of customer complaints and not exploring the possibility what social media can offer. They are countless ways how social media can help your business grow.

Generating and marketing buzz is one way to do this. However, these two can be most challenging aspects of managing a business. You need to have loyal customers that will drive you to the top. They may be a lot of social marketing strategies out there such as content marketing, SEO, user experience (UX) and advertising channels that individually plays a significant role for your social discovery but there is one thing that you must not leave behind. It is known as buzz.

Buzz or what most people know as word-of-mouth marketing is best defined as people speaking about you. Has a friend of yours previously suggested a good hairdresser or an affordable restaurant or told you to go and see a trendy YouTube video? Has a business partner recommended you to use a new service online that will help you with your payroll works? All these are examples of people speaking about companies and these are definitely called buzz.

Creating a buzz around your product or company permits you to build an interactive rapport with customers where they seek you out. Acquiring customers interested and engaged lets those already interested to pass along enthusiastic reviews of your product or service to a friend, through social media. Creating social buzz as well permits you to be artistic alongside your branding. Since it can be typically done at a cheap cost, you can explore a various ways to engage customers.

To start creating a social buzz around your company, here are some tips to effectively do so.

1.Always prioritize customers. Customers are your biggest asset when speaking of buzz. They are the ones that will recommend you to their family and friends off and online, so you better do your best to treat them well. Treating them well is not only about providing them with your quality product. You also have to build an exceptional rapport with them. To retain and consistently entice your customers, you must:

  • When something goes wrong, be practical and say sorry
  • Never forget to give out handwritten thank you notes
  • Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other prominent social media platforms
  • Offer generous rebates and promo codes
  • Write about your customers on your blog
  • Be transparent and honest about who you are and the things you offer

There are lots of ways to show your care and appreciation to customers. Exercise them to gain good results out of them. Efforts really pay off!

2.Integrate. This talks about on-site experience wherein social media can indeed add impact and make people talk about you. If you are hosting an event, choose a hashtag for that event so that participants and remote watchers can check on Twitter. The shorter the hashtag, the better. You are now more likely to excite and let people social buzz you.
3.Intrigue customers. Almost all events have their respective website. However, only a few maximize all the free event management and event listing opportunities. At least, you must make event pages on:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook Events

Buzz generation may be traditional but it is an ideal way to fuel up a conversation about your brand and make a level of engagement that the social media can never neglect.

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