Cross-Promoting Your Website

Having a beautiful website is worthless unless it has traffic and converts into potential customers or clients. In order to gain the traffic that you deserve there are 5 mediums of cross promotion. These are web, email, social media, newsletters, and print. It is essential to your success to promote your website on more than just your website. Ask for your customers to take actions such as following you on twitter within your email signature.
Website Cross Promotion
Cross promotion is simply described as marketing your service or product to costumers of a relevant service or product.  This relevant product can be something that you sell yourself or something another company offers. It is now one of the most cost-effective strategies to promote your brand or service. This lets people discover your business and what you can offer to them. Promoting your brand can be costly. Cross-promotion is the simplest most cost-effective form of marketing.

One way to cross promote your site is to partner with other sites. Partnering with other business sites might be silly for the first time but in the true sense of the action, you are actually not selling out the competition. You are joining forces in order to reach a broader range of audience. Getting the help of other sites to promote your website is simple but beneficial.

If you are excited and want to make a move now in order to increase your revenue through cross promotion in your website, consider these free yet effective ideas to achieve that:

Guest Blogging

If you are seeking to cut down your marketing costs, guest blogging is an ideal way to get your site out there for no money involved at all. Simply write quality content for other sites that will be featured on their blog. As a result, you get the chance to promote your company name on other websites with links pointing to yours. Just imagine how a bit of writing can offer plenty of link juice. It really sounds great, isn’t it? It can really be a great deal for a business owner like you. The simplest trick to this is to look for a business venture that is the same to yours.  While they may perhaps be your competitor, there is no reason you won’t help each other. Look for a business within your industry that has the same products or services or at least related ones to yours. Seek for companies that have the same target audience as yours so that you can appeal to more people than ever before.

Additionally, you can also consider permitting other companies to guest blog on your own site. They will absolutely be excited about the opportunity they will tell all their blog readers, Facebook fans, Twitter followers and all other loyal customers to check out their content on your own blog.  In this sense, you both get to promote and you both get to win!

Trade Materials

If you are seeking a way to reach further customers, an ideal place to begin is where those clients spend most of their time. For example, lobbies and waiting rooms are a great place to promote since people have spare time to waste, where they need to fill in with something to do, think and read about. Having your handy brochure in their hands while they are waiting for their appointment makes it more likely that your business will be discovered. Ask nearby businesses to display your business brochures, handouts, business cards and posters in their lobbies or waiting areas. Make sure to never forget to put all your contact details in your trade materials, such as your contact numbers, business location, email address and website. Interested customers will surely get a copy of your materials for future references.

As an act of appreciation, you can ask your nearby business them to display their print advertising in your shop too. This will surely not only reach more potential customers, this will bring good number of real customers to you.

Take Advantage of the Social Media.

Another way to cross-promote your website is through social media outlets. With a huge number of outlets now available on the internet, promoting through social media permits for various approaches to content sharing. Post your blog updates on your Twitter account with hashtags and links to your site pages or include a link to a video announcement on Facebook. Sharing on to the most popular and widely used social media outlets today permits you to capitalize on your opportunities for engagement, whilst embracing an easy and cross-promotional strategy.  This is an effective marketing strategy that does not let you spend even a single dime.

Sponsor Events

If a like-minded or neighboring business is holding an upcoming event, offer to sponsor their catering, contest prizes or even decorations. This way, your company name and website can go along with their emails, social media posts and emails. You need to be present in the actual event too so that you can meet and greet lots of potential customers. You could even offer to advertise their event on your respective customers, social media posts and on your site to make the turnout as triumphant as possible.

Moreover, encouraging other companies to sponsor your event, join in your public activities and contribute on contest prizes will bring their customers money, advertising and customers into your business. Having a partner in the context of other companies to help with your marketing is always a good thing.

Marketing is essential to every business. Unfortunately, not all businesses have the budget to accomplish all their marketing goals. Hence, cross-promoting your site to other businesses is an ideal way to pursue marketing, to get your company name out there and to save effort and money working for it.  These mutual relationships can bring out favorable results for both companies involved.

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