Conversion Rate Optimization Tips from The Pros

Many businesses spend lots of time and money designing e-commerce websites that are aesthetically pleasing to attract a growing number of visitors. But while having thousands of visitors may look good on your stats, converting a high percentage of those visitors into customers is much more valuable. It’s essential to make it easy and desirable for visitors to become members or consumers. The following are a few steps that you can take to increase the number of visitors that convert on your website.

Communicate With Customers

While some customers simply want to visit a business website, make their purchase and leave, opening up the lines of communication with them can lead to brand loyalty and regular visits. Creating opportunities on the site for visitors to give feedback about the brand, its products and the website increases visitor engagement and leads to more conversions. Including surveys, hosting Twitter chats and live chats and encouraging visitors and customers to review your site and your products and make recommendations are great ways to increase user engagement. Additionally, regularly responding to visitors and making some of the positive changes they recommend also helps.

Constantly Improve Website Navigation

The easier it is for visitors to navigate your site, the more time they will spend there. This leads to more visits and more purchases. Regularly monitor and improve your website design to optimize navigation. This will draw more visitors into your conversion funnel by improving your site’s usability and visitor experience. This can also help to increase customer average order value. Identifying problems people are having using your site and eliminating them, and adding valuable links, tells customers you are responsive to their needs and concerns and increases customer loyalty. Analytics tools like heat mapping can provide useful visitor site navigation information.

Streamline Your Homepage

If your homepage is overcrowded, confusing or slow to load, visitors will quickly move away from it. Your website’s design should optimize your homepage for conversions. This can be done by making it easy to load, understand and navigate. It should feature top-sellers, have an ‘add to cart’ button, an optimized carousel slider and prominently display specials and other important or enticing information. Regularly give your site the ‘5-second test’. This will show how quickly it loads and what grabs the visitor’s attention.

Focus On Product Page Optimization

Creating attention-grabbing product description that highlight the product or services’ functionality and useful features and how they benefit the customer, is crucial. You should also use an effective color scheme, an attractive layout and a persuasive call to action. Make the description easy to skim and be sure to have an ‘add to cart’ button. Links to brief product reviews and FAQ pages also help. Improve your SEO with clear product options like size and color variants. Including a good photo and video of the product is vital. It can significantly increase your sales percentage. Make sure the price is visible, especially if it’s a selling point.

Periodically Check Your In-Store Search Function

If your in-store search function is not working properly or it is inaccurate, it can cost you money. If consumers cannot locate or click through to your products, they cannot purchase them. This can make customers navigate away from your site and look for the product somewhere else. No matter how aesthetically pleasing your website looks and how much attention you have paid to use the right SEO terms to improve search engine ranking, if customers cannot find and buy your products you have wasted your time and money. Checking and improving your in-store search function from time to time can prevent this problem and keep the money flowing in.

Conversion rate optimization is the lifeblood of any e-commerce website. While aesthetics and website design are great for attracting visitors, conversions are what will create a successful business.

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