Social media presence is an essential asset that can help funnel great leads towards your business. There are companies that restrict their social media presence to purely some sites and neglect the websites that they do not utilize. Doing this can put your future social media marketing plans at risk. Claiming your business name will secure your brand across social media. Owning your brand name within social media websites makes it simpler for people to look for your business over the internet arena. Moreover, it secures your company from name squatting. Just think how disappointing and terrifying it is if your competitor claimed your brand name on a social media site like Facebook. Surely, this can affect your brand.

Obviously, you want to make it easy for your present customers and other people who know your business to seek you on social media. Hence, your account names on social media are essential. In the primitive days of social media, it was simpler to obtain the best account names for each site. However, now that plenty of businesses are including accounts, you may find it hard and compromising just to establish your own account names on the most remarkable social media sites these days. Whereas there are paid services that will register your brand on several social media websites, here is something that you can make for free. Are you excited to learn how you can securely and freely register your business name on several social media sites? If you are, below are some tips that will help you register your brand name on multiple sites, free and protected.

  1. List your ideal account names. Never forget that it has your product brand or business name on it. If necessary, make the names short, clear and easy to remember.
  2. List all the essential social media platforms for your business genre. A lot of businesses merely utilize a handful of social media sites and the most typically utilized ones are YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. If your company involves a physical location, you must as well check-location based services such as Whrrl and Foursquare. You must as well create a list of specialized social media platforms meant for your industry.
  3. Utilize an account name tool. Look for a fine account name throughout several sites and see where your name is still available. Pay close and special attention to the availability of your account name on the list of valuable social media websites for your business. If possible, you desire to utilize similar account name on the all such sites. However, if your ideal business name is not anymore available, look for variations on your account name list.
  4. Establish your accounts on social media. Although your business is not yet ready to begin utilizing all its social media accounts, get the time now to establish your accounts so that you can reserve your ideal account names. The ideal names you want for your social media accounts may not be available anymore once you ready to utilize them.

When Choosing a Business Name on Social Media, What Should You Consider?

A lot of businesses begin as solo operations, partnerships or freelancers. In these instances, it is easy to fall back on your own name as your social media name. Since it has now become tougher to build a professional image, create brand awareness and interlink with your target market, you must consider your name as unique and as complementary to what you do and offer. If you want some tips on how to choose a great business name on social media, learn about them below:

  • The length of the name. Your business name should always come with your company logo. Hence, it is must be short but clear. For instance, Twitter restricts character count, hence you have to pick a name that is not too long.
  • What should the name evoke? A name should not only be a name which comes across your mind. Think if the name is not corporate enough or if it is too much. Does it mirror your business culture and philosophy? Do you think it can make a good appeal to your target market?
  • Is it unique? Choose a name that unique to you both online and offline. It must not be claimed by anyone yet. You only have to do a complete research so that you can find the best domain name for you.

Getting Started in the Social Media World

Now that you have already secured your social media names, it is now the perfect time to secure your presence on such platforms. One great thing about social media is that there can people can easily discover you through likes, comments, hashtags, links and shares. Popular social media platforms today will never make it hard for you to reach your target audience. Most importantly, you have the freedom to advertise as much as you like within these platforms, without costing you any cent. Social media sites are indeed cost-effective platforms that can help you succeed in online marketing. Here are some suggestions in speaking of social media:

  • Secure a page on the most popular and widely used social media networks today which are Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google Plus.
  • On your Facebook account, use your networks and send invitations to your friends and/or customers and ask them to like your page. The faster you can obtain thirty likes, the faster you can protect your vanity URL in Facebook instead of having a lengthy string of digits. This is easier for recognition and discovery.
  • Upload your basic information on all your social media profiles, involving your site address. Through such site links, these can serve as the landing page to your main site.
Surely, these tips can help you build a strong and reputable name on social media. For help with your social media marketing contact us at 941-564-7948.
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