Benefits of Google Ads for Small Businesses

Written by Daniel Ferrigon

May 13, 2019

Benefits of Google Ads for Small Businesses

By now, many small business owners have heard about the importance of digital marketing. What many are curious about is what marketing channel to start investing in. After all, they’ve heard about the benefits of social media, search engine optimization, deal sites, and Facebook advertising. To answer the question bluntly, Google Ads is a great place to start. Google Ads is a paid search advertising platform where you pay every time (also called pay per click) a user clicks on your ad and comes to your site.

Here are a few reasons why Google Ads is a great place to start marketing your small business:

1. It’s Easy to Control Costs

There’s a big misconception that pay per click advertising is costly. Yes, you can quickly shoot past your budget if you don’t know what you’re doing. But it’s important to realize you control many aspects of your campaign. For example, you can choose what times your ad will run, use negative keywords to prevent your ads from showing up for certain searches, set a daily budget, and more. The challenge really lies in working with a professional that understands the intricacies of the advertising platform.

2. It’s Sustainable and Scalable

Google is the world’s biggest search engine and as such, their search volume over the year will be very consistent. If you build a campaign, you can be confident knowing that the campaign will perform similarly over a long period of time as long as you are managing it properly. It’s also easy to scale campaigns as you learn how to make your campaign return a positive return on investment. Google can help you expand to mobile devices, their display network, and other sources of traffic to expand your reach.

3. It’s the Perfect Local Marketing Strategy

Many local based small businesses are looking for a reliable local marketing strategy to reach their target audience. Google Ads is perfect for this as you can use location targeting and target location based searches to get in the front of your most valuable customers. In most cases, local campaigns will put you against other small businesses rather than against corporations with endless budgets. This puts the odds in your favor and allows you to use your creativity to help your business stand out.

4. You Can Test Market Reception Quickly

Business owners are often unsure how their online audience will react to their campaigns. Unlike other advertising platforms and marketing strategies, you can get instant feedback with Google Ads. It is one of the fastest paid search platforms and you can have your ad running within a matter of minutes. You’ll know if your ad headline is working, website is appealing, or marketing message is on point. Using the right testing and analytics tools will also help you get an understanding of what they’re looking for without wasting months.

In conclusion, Google Ads is great for small business because you can drive targeted traffic with strong buyer’s intent. There are a lot of misconceptions about the platform but when it comes down to it, it’s just a matter of understanding how the platform works and how to build an effective campaign.

If you find the process of managing Google Ads daunting, feel free to contact us today. Ferrigon Media has helped several small and medium sized businesses scale effectively grow their businesses with Paid Search Marketing. Find out how our time tested strategies can make the difference in your business or brand.

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