What ‘Above the Fold’ Means in Website Design and How it Affects Your Conversions

Written by Daniel Ferrigon

September 16, 2019

The concept of above the fold began in print marketing. The biggest marketers of print were the newspaper industry. There’s one thing that they knew about was how to get their papers sold. Once a Newspaper or magazine was on the tiered newspaper shelf, it had to compete with the noise. With only half of the front page visible how does a customer make an instant choice? The Newspaper’s headline would have to be a head-turner.

What Does ‘Above The Fold’ Mean?

Above the fold is a term used in web design to describe the area of a webpage that can be seen without scrolling. When visiting a website oftentimes the complete screen is not visible. To view all the page contents you have to scroll down on the page. They always say a first impression is the best impression. Within the first 5 seconds, your customers are making a judgment of what type of services or goods they can expect from your business. Placing unique content “Above the Fold” will grab the user’s attention to the website’s most important information.

Designing for Above-the-fold Website Loading

Designing for Above-the-fold Website Loading is a process that requires an understanding of the way users interact with content. The goal is to make it easier for them to find what they are looking for with minimal effort. It’s important to remember that not all users have the same device or browser size. It’s also important to know that mobile users are more likely to scroll down a page than desktop users.

What’s Best for Conversions?

The above-the-fold content is the most visible content on your website and deserves to be a compelling, informative, and attention-grabbing introduction to your site. It’s a great place for a call-to-action button or lead capture form. Making use of this valuable web real estate is important for boosting website conversions.

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