Social media networks are currently dominating mobile app usage. Americans are depending on their mobile apps to stay connected to their social media networks while on the go. Based on comScore’s U.S. Mobile App Report, I have complied the data of 2014’s top social media mobile apps. The social media giant, Facebook leads the pack with 155.3 million unique mobile visitors. Followed by their picture sharing app Instagram with 46.6 million visitors. The newcomer to the list is Snapchat with, 26.4 million visitors. Stronger growth is expected for Snapchat’s app as it is growing in popularity with the teenage demographic.

These growth trends allow marketers to determine which online mediums have the greatest potential for reaching internet users. An app that i believe should receive notable mention is Vine and Periscope. As they are gaining popularity in pop culture.

2014 Top Social Media Mobile Apps
Based on comScore’s U.S. Mobile App Report.
  • Facebook – 155,370,000
  • Instagram – 46,637,000
  • Twitter – 34,702,000
  • Google+ – 28,821,000
  • Snapchat – 26,469,000
  • Pinterest – 24,586,000
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